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Wendy Black

Previous Exhibitions            2007

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November 14 - 30

"So Perish Unbelievers"


recent works by

Joseph f Szabo


galleries 1 & 2

Emma Blee


memory Patches


gallery 3

Wendy Black

'3 minute attention span'

gallery 3gallery g

drawings and installation based on recent City of Melbourne Laneways Commission 2007 by the artist

The portraits in this installation have been drawn at the Melbourne Magistrate's Court over a period of four months. The processes of the Magistrates' Court can sometimes be surprisingly swift. An individual is often before the court for only a brief period. The drawings show not only the accused but also other people involved in the workings of the court, including court officials, lawyers, witnesses, journalists, and members of the public. The Magistrates' Court has been intentionally chosen as the source of these portraits. As the  lowest level of the court hierarchy, it is not usually the arena for those accused of the major crimes featured on the nightly news. It is the ordinary daily parade of court traffic enduring the personal trauma of their ‘day in court’.

October 24 - November 9


Lea Kannar




galleries 1 & 2

Kathryn Wilkins







gallery 3


Steve Jacks  - paintings

                                 gallery 4


October 3 - 19


An exhibition of rare trees



galleries 1 & 2    



gallery 3    


  Miranda Leighfield


  recent works



gallery 4    

September 12 - 28

Jillian Gregurke

gallery 1

'...And so it continues'

Georgie Schafter


gallery 2

'Subliminal Rambling'

Hayley Walker


gallery 3


Christina Markin

Daniel Toomey

gallery 4


July 11 - 27
BATCH 41607

Photographic Imaging College


June 20 - July 6

Paul Casey

June 20 - July 6


in conjunction with  Northern Exposure


Anne Hastie @ cusp

June 20 - July 6

Gallery 2

in conjunction with  Northern Exposure


Ravina Vertigan

June 20 - July 6

Gallery 3

in conjunction with  Northern Exposure


David McMaster


'advocate for humour'

June 20 - July 6

Gallery 4

in conjunction with Northern Exposure


May 9 - 25 2007

deborah buckland nanya
may 9 - 25 paintings and photograph inspired by a recent trip to the historic homestead and property of Nanya, in far west New South Wales

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Allison Miles
Bountiful may 9 - 25

Andrea Scarlett
may 9 - 25

april 18 - may 4

Paul Louis Villaniphotographic works

wednesday   april  18    -    friday  may  5

alisa teletovic

roads to home

wednesday   april  18    -    friday  may  5





wednesday   april  18    -    friday  may  5

march 20 - april 7

Tim Bruce

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it's natural : observations of a chaotic wonderland

tuesday  march 20 - saturday april 7



Drawing on many years as a meteorologist forecasting the many and varied manifestations of  weather and observing its interaction with the land and sea, Tim Bruce's evocative landscapes capture the sometimes placid, but mostly energising, chaotic and raw experience that is nature through his use of luscious impasto oils and charcoals. 

Responding to an urban dweller's seemingly primal urge to re-engage with the natural world, Tim Bruce's plethora of paintings and drawings provide a malleable, tangible connection to the land, the sea and the sky. 


february 21 - march 9