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Wendy Black

Previous Exhibitions            2006

December 6 - 15


Shoot the Breeze

Box Hill Institute Diploma of Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition

Claire Adametz / Gabby Agtoft / Caroline Askew / Danielle Borkowski

James Constantas / Helen Costello / Ann Cunningham / Lisa Czapnik / Evelyn Young

Andrea Daniel / Sally Darlison / Rehana Dowler / Vanessa Drake / Angela Gash

Andrew Hennig / Pam Jackson / Susie Lachal / Jay Me / Tanya Ngerengere

Wayne Robb / Pamela Saunder / Annelise Scott / Jan Stuut / Helen Taylor

November 22 - December 1

Arte Loco  - NMIT Preston 2006












November 2 - 17


















whom LAYS to REST the WORK the LIFE

November 1 - 17




We humans are meaning makers. But meaning imposes limitations on our experience of the world by the very words and images conveyed by the meaning. Our perceptions and intuitions can be blocked when we mistake the word for reality. Through words we construct belief systems that allow us to feel safe in an uncertain world. But the tendency to cleave to like, whether informed by religion, politics, social status, or appearance, although creating a comforting feeling of comradeship and unity, can also create bitter division and enmity leading to injustice, prejudice, oppression and war. These evils can exist on a large scale but also at the personal level of our daily lives. 'Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing seen'. (Wynn Bullock).

Using a variety of styles and media, the artist visually dissects social trends and values, exploring the belief systems that underpin our social and political fabric. Some works have visual maps to a point of reference, observation, statement or question. Other works are more direct 'naive' representations of subject matter, sometimes with the distraction of colour and pattern. For each subject she seeks to consciously yet spontaneously choose a style that best supports the feeling she wishes the work to communicate. Although the choice is controlled by the intellect, the markings and colour arise from chance and emotional response. The work usually begins by the use of  throw-away objects, which unifies the styles within the body of work and makes it her own.  'I don't think so much about what I am doing, yet what I do contains the thinking process.

 'Within optimism lies strength, within strength lies limitless thought, the possible. It is too easy and unchallenging for me to be a pessimist. An old world is as likely as a new world'


October 10 - 28


Vignettes of thoughts, experiences, journeys and observations investigated in a variety of media.


Claire BLAKE

Debbie HILL



September 19 - October 7

The group of 12 emerging artists involved in the exhibition entitled ‘&?’ explore the possibilities of the symbol ‘&’ and the word ‘and’.  This will include the questions ‘&?’ poses such as …“and what does it mean?”… “and so what?” ... “and what next?”. 

 Their exhibition pieces will reflect the open-endedness and quandary of creative practice; the often lonely industrious journey of the artist, punctuated by the reflective moment - the time when the artist faces his or her doubts about the meaning of it all.  And then there’s always more to say, to experience and to explore … so the artist returns to the easel, the table, the tripod and re-engages once again with the creative process.

Bill Aquilina

Bill Aquilina’s paintings interpret the male form through the appropriation of figures from classical to contemporary times.  His work displays an emotional quality by combining the imaginary with the realistic.

Vic Borszczow

Victor Borszczow’s paintings are based on his emotional response to the lack of colorful flowers in the suburb in which he lives.  Within his work he interprets this profound absence as part of a more ominous state; of global warming, drought and the impact of increasing urbanization.

Theo Giannoukas

I used to work in the real estate industry.  Now, as a practicing artist, I am constantly influenced by memories of my previous work life. 

The installations I create use found objects from building sites to investigate a range of spatial relationships.  The colors of the materials are limited to red and white, which reference the world of real estate advertising.  I also quote the domestic architectural form of the gabled roof, which I use repeatedly - like an echo in our urban landscape.

Maria Giannoukas

Textile artist Maria Giannoukas has expanded her usual creative domain of quilting by experimenting with natural dyes.  The fabrics she uses in her works enjoy a new lease of life and some of the results are unexpected and exciting.

Anne Hastie

Anne Hastie’s abstract paintings and photographs reference the world around her by responding to the layers, structures, colours, textures and light of two cities; Melbourne and Beijing.

Nancy Lang

Nancy Lang’s work is series of images and text evoking a metaphoric travelogue through her identity and sense of belonging.


Mira Krulic

Mira Krulic's prints and combination paint-and-digital works inspired by her wanderings in the city of Melbourne.  She captures fragments of architecture, pavement observations and the residual marks of laneway popular culture.

Susan Marsh

Susan Marsh explores the realms of corporeality - the human body.  With the permission of two people in her nursing care, she uses digital images on canvas, painting and installation as means to tell poignant stories about their very special lives.

Maggie McCathie-Nevile

Maggie McCathie-Nevile’s series of photographs and paintings is an emotional response to the elements, in particular, fire and water, and the role they play in the consequences, the effects of global warming is having on our planet.

Carmel Rogan

The towers and power poles that dominate our urban landscape and skyline are often considered to be eyesores or health hazards. Carmel Rogan’s digital images unveil and reflect upon the unseen energy that is often overlooked and taken for granted, as they enable our modern way of life.

Doris Seguna

Doris Seguna’s work for this show includes paintings and drawings.  Doris’s interests are wide and her subject matter includes the figure as well as abstracted forms.

Ravina Vertigan

Ravina Vertigan’s paintings are based in the genre of landscape.  She pares back her interpretation of the environment and concentrates on light and atmosphere, and in creating harmony through use of colour.

August 29 - September 16

Where Dimensions Merge

...Light in the Context of Sound

a dramatic new perspective from

elaine M stevenson


gallery 1

Following on from a successful career in science, award-winning epidemiologist and public health researcher Elaine M Stevenson is now creating breathtakingly abstract imagery, which has its genesis in photography.   Between lens and print, the processes she uses to create the final images draw heavily on her lived observations of the interactions between light and its physical surroundings.  They reflect her journeys into a plethora of disparate visual environments … above and below the oceans, from the microscopic to the panoramic, through history’s bricks and mortar, and back again, to the frenetic point where light and sound merge in a cacophony of beats and bodies.

The current body of work, begun on her return to Australia in 2005, draws inspiration in part by 18 months spent travelling through over 25 countries, experiencing the world at its most diverse.  In that time she completed more than 250 journeys by air, road, rail, sea and on foot, through Asia, Europe and South America. These journeys and the artwork they inspire, are remarkable not because they were undertaken solo, but because Elaine refuses to be slowed by disability, evident primarily in the extremely well-worn pair of crutches which accompany her at all times. 


Elizabeta Janevski

Going Solo

Gallery 2



Clare Strack

The Art of Healing

Upper Galleries


July 18 - August 5

Tracey  Coakley


Beautiful Fate

Renee Carrick


Out of the garden, into the sea

Natalie McQuade




Carla Osinski



July 18 - August 5

June 28 - July 14

Shifting Horizons

Claire Sadler-Jones

June 28 - July 14         Gallery 1


'Untitled Project'


an installation by

Jacqueline Byrnes


June 28 - July 14 Gallery 2




oils by

Merike Redenbach

June 28 - July 14         Galleries 3 & 4

June 3 - 24

Irene Amorosi

Music in Motion

recent paintings & works on paper

June 6 -24        galleries 1&2

Ignacio Rojas

Incuentros  (encounters)

June 6 -24        gallery 3

Rachael Walker


small works on paper

June 6 -24        gallery 4


May 16 - June 3

enduring passions May 16 - June 3

beryl white

eileen gruen

kerstin cuming

evelyn young

megan mcdonald

lynette weber

virginia mcnamara

susan gibson

anne warren

April 26 - May 12

The Inland Sea

David McLeod

recent paintings

April 26 - May 12

April 4 - 22

  Changing Climate    paintings by

 Ron Guy

  April 4 - 22

March 14 - April 1 2006

Camille McDonald

p r e c i o u s  c a r g o

w o r k s o n p a p e r

14 march - 1 april       Gallery 1



recent paintings

Marina Floreancig

14 March - 1 April      Gallery 3

  Suresh Jeanel

   works on paper

   14 march - 1 april       Gallery 4

February 21 - March 10 2006

 exquisite blight

 syncopated light

 recent photographs

 Peter Garnick

 21 February - 10 March